Rockwood Consulting: Solutions that Work in the Real World

Since 2002, Rockwood Consulting has assisted a diverse set of clients involved in energy product development, programs, policy, and communications. Our approach is to bring to each client and project  a multi-disciplinary team specifically tailored to those needs. Areas of expertise include:

Product Development-Helping technology developers get from concept to market share

Program Design-Working with Utilities, program implementers, and local government to develop and implement energy incentive and finance programs

Policy- By bringing knowledge of technology and contracting realities to policy discussions, our clients are able to better reach goals by supporting change that works

Contracting-Assist contractors and building owners convert new energy opportunities into a financially beneficial reality
Communiction-Conduct the market research, outreach, event planning and other communication activities needed to let clients clearly and effectively get their message out to stakeholders and the general public

While these areas may seem disparate, they are the heart of the Rockwood approach: integrating experts from different areas into a synergistic team breaks down silos and creates better outcomes.

The Rockwood approach has been the development of unique teams that are customized to meet individual client needs. The members of these teams bring a diverse set of backgrounds to each project, producing innovation that is grounded in reality. It is from this concept that Rockwood has developed its slogan


                          "Solutions that Work in the Real World"